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Food and Beverage Service Skills Programme

AHLE-X is a Hospitality Training Provider with City & Guilds approval that runs high-impact training programmes for the Hospitality Industry at professional and operational levels and to new entrants into the industry.

AHLE-X has level 4 B-BBEE compliance.

Programme objectives

The service skills of the employees in your restaurant make or break the customer experience. Service staff need to have good product knowledge, service skills, interpersonal skills and they need to be excellent sales people.

The Food and Beverage Service Programme develops delegate's service skills, interpersonal skills as well as selling skills.

The Food and Beverage Service Programme can either be offered as a generic service programme or can be customised to your operating standards and procedures.

Day 1

The Basics

  • Understand the products and services offered by the organisation
  • Present yourself as a professional service provider
  • General safety & conduct
  • Communication (verbal and non verbal)
  • Food and restaurant hygiene
  • Provide an efficient and friendly service to your guests
  • Sell, upsell and cross sell products and services using effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Setting the table
  • Changing a table cloth
  • Laying the cover (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Set menu, buffet and á la carte covers
  • Folding the napkin
  • Glasses & their uses
  • Stocking the sideboard
  • Cleaning the restaurant
  • Kitchen preparation
  • Checking menus

Day 2

Table Service

  • Welcoming and seating
  • Introducing yourself
  • Your station
  • Presenting menu and wine list
  • Selling
  • Non-verbal communication in selling
  • Verbal communication in selling
  • Taking the order
  • Importance of questions
  • Importance of product knowledge
  • Role plays / DVD’s

Day 3

  • Alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
  • Aperitif
  • Holding a plate and carrying plates
  • Bread service
  • Identifying plates
  • Plate service
  • Clearing plates
  • Dealing with spillages
  • Changing an ashtray (outside/smoking area only)
  • Crumbing down and preparing a table for dessert
  • Order of beverage service
  • Serving cold non-alcoholic beverages
  • Wine glasses
  • Opening a bottle of wine
  • Serving wine
  • Presenting, opening and serving wine
  • Tea/Coffee service
  • Liqueurs
  • Handling a guest complaint
  • Presenting the bill
  • Final greeting

Programme delivery options

Option 1: 3 days: non customised

The non-customised option runs over three consecutive days. The programme is generic; covering generic service, selling and inter-personal skills.

Option 2: 3 days: customised

The programme is customised to your organisation including your photographs in the learner’s workbooks and information on each of the food and beverage outlet so that the learners have a good product and service standard reference.

Option 3: 5 days

The 5 day programme is ideal for providing delegates the opportunity to work in outlets with the facilitator during the programme and to understand the various outlet procedures. The three days of training will be indispersed with 2 days practical training. The 5 day programme also includes delegate evaluations each day where the facilitator will evaluate each of the delegates and provide feedback to the organisation. The delegates also complete three knowledge questionnaires during the programme on day two, day three and day five of the programme.

The Food and Beverage Skills Programme is ideal when you are training a new group of employees such as seasonal staff, who are not accustomed to your organisation as they not only learn service procedures but also get to understand each of the outlets operations.

The facilitator will visit your organisation for a day prior to the training to take photographs of various standards as well as get information such as menus, outlet operating times etc.

Programme Cost:

This programme is delivered in your organisation.

For a quotation please send us an e-mail to

What is included

  • Learner workbook
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Learner tests for the 5 day programme
  • Learner practical assessment: 5 day programme

What the organisation needs to provide for the training

  • Suitable and safe training venue
  • Equipment: data projector and screen, flip chart, television for replaying video footage of role plays
  • Refreshments for learners
  • An organisation representative (senior Manager) to introduce the programme and welcome the learners
  • Menus and operating guidelines to customise learning material (if customised option selected)
  • Operating equipment (glasses, crockery, cutlery, multiples of tables and chairs for service, napkins or an outlet that can be used for the trainingetc), a list will be provided prior to training
  • On day two of the training, 3 meals are ordered off the menu to discuss menu descriptions, these needs to be prepared by the kitchen
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