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Understanding Business Operations

AHLE-X is a Hospitality Training Provider with City & Guilds approval that runs high-impact training programmes for the Hospitality Industry at professional and operational levels and to new entrants into the industry.

AHLE-X has level 4 B-BBEE compliance.

This short course has been designed to cover the following unit standard:

Unit standard name




Analyse a business and determine the way it functions




Course objectives

People are employed into organisations yet many do not understand the role or purpose of business, let alone understand the functioning of the business in which they are employed or how their role is critical to the business success. The term ‘organisation’ implies that people and other resources are utilised in such a way that the organisation is successful, however, without understanding how a business functions holistically, people operate in a vacuum.

The objective of this short course is to introduce the concepts of ‘organisations’ why they exist, how they function and the key drivers for organisational success.

Course outcomes

The 1 day course covers the following outcomes:

  • Understand the different types of organisations and how this affects the way in which the business is managed.
  • Understand the structure of the business and the key role that the various functions play within the business.
  • Recognise the difference between core and support functions.
  • Identify the standard functions within a business and compare this to the ones found in the actual business and understand the reasons for the differences.
  • Understand interdepartmental dependence and the factors that affect functional performance.
  • Recognise the various types of structures and explain the reasons why organisations are changing their structures and reducing the number of reporting levels.
  • Understand how inter-departmental effectiveness can be improved, given the existing conditions in a business.
  • Evaluate relationships between oneself and others in the immediate environment and suggest improvements that can be made to enhance effectiveness in the business.

Course duration

1 day

Course cost

This course is delivered in your organisation.

For a quotation please send us an e-mail to

Includes a certificate of attendance

What the organisation needs to provide

Suitable and safe training venue

Equipment: data projector and screen, flip chart


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