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Basic Food Hygiene

AHLE-X is a Hospitality Training Provider with City & Guilds approval that runs high-impact training programmes for the Hospitality Industry at professional and operational levels and to new entrants into the industry.

AHLE-X has level 4 B-BBEE compliance.

This short course has been designed to cover the following unit standard:

Unit standard name




Maintain hygiene in food preparation, cooking and storage





Course objectives

Every year hundreds of people get very sick from food poisoning and some even die. In South Africa (and most other countries in the world) there are hygiene by-laws that companies and staff need to comply with to reduce the incidence of food contamination and food poisoning. This involves regulations for transport, preparation, storage of food and personal hygiene of employees.

In this 1 day course we discuss the basics of hygiene principles that apply to the food preparation, cooking and storage as it applies to both food preparation and food service personnel.

Programme outcomes

The 1 day programme covers the following outcomes:


  • Understand that the legislative requirements for maintaining good hygiene principles.
  • Understand the implications of not adhering to company hygiene policies and procedures.


  • Understand the difference between food spoilage and food poisoning.
  • Understand how cross-contamination occurs.
  • Understand what contributes to contamination and food poisoning.

Clean people

  • Maintain correct personal hygiene when working with food and in food production and service areas.
  • Wash hands using the correct procedure.
  • Understand how correct personal hygiene and using the correct hand washing procedure impacts on food hygiene.

Clean food

  • Practice safe food hygiene principles when working with food.
  • Reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination when preparing, storing or serving food.
  • Recognise and adhere to signage that indicates product safety.
  • Understand the principles of hygiene in receiving, handling, preparing and storing food.

Clean equipment

  • Use the correct procedure to clean food preparation utensils and equipment.
  • Understand how the use of the correct principles will reduce contamination of food, equipment and areas.


  • Evaluate your health status and decide how to respond and where necessary report illness.
  • Dispose waste in accordance with hygiene standards and organisational requirements.

Course duration

1 day

Course cost

This course is delivered in your organisation.

For a quotation please send us an e-mail to

Includes a certificate of attendance

What the organisation needs to provide

Suitable and safe training venue

Handwasing facilities for facilitator and delegates

Access to food storage facilities for facilitator and delegates

Equipment: data projector and screen, flip chart


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