Groote Post is an historic 18th century farm on the Cape's West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. Their wines are produced to reflect the uniqueness of their vineyards.

Banks Kitchen Boutique have a wide range of catering equipment, crockery, cutlery, uniforms and much more. Shopping on-line is a great opportunity for those that are a bit further -a-field.

Khayelitsha Cookies strive to produce the best cookies in South Africa whilst radically changing the lives of the people involved in the company. They produce the biggest, best range of baked goods such as chocolate chunk cookies, ginger snaps, nutty fudge brownies and shortbread cookies. Khayelitsha Cookies employ staff who are previously unemployed women from Khayelitsha, providing them with skills training and permanent, affirming employment.

Paarman Foods offer a wide range of authentic and natural products that include seasonings, stocks, chutneys, sauces, cake mixes both for home and industrial food preparation.

Wildebraam Liqueurs was established in 1998 and was the realization of a dream to turn a family hobby into a commercial enterprise. Initial experiments with berry juice and wit blitz, evolved into a liqueur cellar with a production capacity of a 200 000 litre and more. Today, after 15 years, Wildebraam Liqueurs has grown into a successful enterprise with a national distribution network of more than 55 different products available in select retail outlets for the discerning “foodie”. Wildebraam takes pride in the fact that all products are handmade with passion and love on the farm. To ensure natural taste and flavour, no preservatives, colorants or flavourings are added to the end product.

We welcome sponsors and there are numerous sponsorship opportunities available to interested South Africa companies. If you would like to find out more about programme sponsorship, please e-mail and we will send you the list of sponsorship opportunities associated with the specific programme.



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